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Milana was enormously interested in posing with other girls, with blondes. As she felt that she was a bit different. Her skin was darker, so was her hair, and the hair on her pussy. She used to examine other girl’s appearances carefully and compared herself with them, as she had never seen a light-haired naked girl ever before. She examined every photo. She felt that she was a black swan between white ones. She ever wanted to color her hair, but we were able to persuade her in her unique individuality.

But we weren’t able to hold her with us for a long time. She went away early in the morning, when she once stayed in the studio for a night, and told nobody about it…she mysteriously disappeared, like a light wind. We missed her, but even now we still hope that she will return to us on day.

Valery believes that photography of the greatest hobby of hers but she didn’t have a chance to realize her cherish dreams before the meeting with Grig and Valentina. She has fallen in love with posing nude at once and it seems that nothing comes between her new hobby and her. Being an actress inside, Valery is tremendously flexible and amazingly sensitive and it seems that she was born to become the best nude model. She feels what the photographer wants to realize and move the way her heart tells her. Her photos are the bright example of the great professionalism of the photographer and the outstanding desire of a model to be loved and admired! There mutual understanding represents the marvelous union of the Beauty and the Talent! If you a real connoisseur of the fine nude art, you won’t stop admiring Valery! Enjoy the Beauty!



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